Have you recently developed a new Moodle application? Then it’s time to take care of the application’s hosting. We do not only offer custom-made Moodle plugins, but we also offer Moodle Hosting. MoodleFreak guarantees robust hosting, allowing your users to start working easily, quickly and safely. We provide different clients with Moodle Hosting and would like to offer you a similar solution!

Better hosting and faster loading times

Perhaps you already have a large learning platform, for instance with 1000+ users. If you do, you know the importance of providing great hosting for your environment, reducing loading times wherever possible. After all, a few milliseconds may make the difference. At MoodleFreak, we understand this and what this means for your users. We optimize your environment’s hosting and always ensure fast loading times. In this way, we can offer both you and your users a great experience.

Moodle & Data Protection

Besides the speed of their Moodle environment, our clients find data protection extraordinarily important. And we’re glad they do. Reports of hacking activities proliferate showing how important it is to protect the data of your users, particularly when they use Moodle. That is why we work with you to ensure the protection of your users’ data. With a great hosting solution and other security measures, you gain control over the situation in no time.

Moodle hosting costs

Hosting a Moodle platform does not have to be expensive. Hosting costs are largely dependent on the preferences of the client. We would like to discuss your preferences and your budget with you. On this basis we can determine the hosting costs. We adjust our offering to your preferences and always come to an agreement. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities of hosting your Moodle environment with MoodleFreak.